Director: The Man Behind The Banana

Justin is an artist and maker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He creates original art pieces, furniture, and apparel to support local events. Participates in setting up community events and installing public art. So peel back the layers of conventionality and step into Justin Iredale’s world, where bananas reign supreme and imagination knows no bounds.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Justin explores a wide range of mediums and techniques, from painting and sculpture to woodworking & metalworking.
His art explores themes of consumerism, nostalgia, and the absurdity of everyday life. Through his bold and irreverent approach, he challenges viewers to reconsider their preconceptions and embrace the unexpected beauty found in the ordinary banana.

Justin is deeply committed to fostering creativity and community engagement. He regularly collaborates with local schools and community organizations to develop art education programs and public art initiatives, inspiring the next generation of artists and makers to find their own “banana”.

Graduated from Laney College; Associate of Arts and Sciences – AAS, Machine Tool Technology/Machinist

Educational Consulting, 3D Design, Engineering Design, Illustration, Industrial, Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Interior Design, Architecture Training