ArtPush Q & A

What is ArtPush?
ArtPush is a vehicle for artists’ creative expression.

What is the purpose of ArtPush?
Artists are the people who express our collective conscience, raising awareness of marginalized populations, endangered species, climate change and current social issues, reminding us of our connection with each other as human beings sharing our lives with the natural world and all of its beauty. From ages 8 to100, ArtPush seeks ways to feature new and provocative art in the community at multiple venues through all art mediums including performing artists; musicians, poets, sculptors.

ArtPush board members bring a diverse range of talents and experience to create unique opportunities for artists to share their work and engage with the public. Together, the ArtPush Board represents more than 50 years of professional experience: in web development, programming, advertising, marketing, graphic design and expertise in the corporate and non profit world. ArtPush events include: The Alameda Summer Art Fair, ArtQuarter.com (A free place to sell art), The East Bay Artists Art Book, 2nd Friday Art Walks, 2nd Friday Art Talks, art classes, figure drawing sessions, ongoing group shows and solo exhibits, free art meetups and more. In every way possible we strive to offer artists opportunities to exhibit their work through curation at local East Bay businesses including The Alameda Island Brewing Company, Studio 23 & 3 Dot Art Gallery.

How did ArtPush start?
Before ArtPush, Studio 23, owned and operated by Jessica and Wesley Warren, spearheaded all of the events above. Over time, Studio 23 merged with 3 Dot Art Gallery owners, Sara Edge and Dave Sylvester, and a number of other artists from the East Bay to form the non profit ArtPush. This enabled us to raise funds and do more to support the community through art.

Does ArtPush support marginalized communities?
Studio 23 has a history for hosting fundraisers for the community including: “Displacement” a fundraiser for Causa Justa :: Just Cause (CJJC), Standing Rock, The Ghostship Fires in Oakland, the Alameda animal shelter, (FAAS). ArtPush is dedicated to continuing to provide events to support social justice causes, to respond to critical community incidents and to work with other organizations with similar missions such as the Webster street Art and Business Association (WABA), to create The Healing Garden, a place for us to gather, grieve and plan for a better future.

Where does ArtPush see the organization going?
ArtPush will always be a vehicle to support artists. We plan to continue The 2nd Friday Art Talks with host Victor Mavedzenge where artists from all backgrounds come on to share their work and stories as well as our well established events. Our vision is to continue to seek input from the community and expand our efforts to make art an ongoing integral part of living in the Bay Area.