East Bay Art Book FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes money from the sale of this book?
Nobody. The pricing & application fee cover the printing and production of the book. Without the hundreds of volunteer hours needed to produce the book we would not be able to offer the book at this price. 

Why are you doing this if no one is making money from it?
ArtPush was created to help promote local artists living in the Bay Area. This book allows artists to get their work seen by hundreds of people, especially during the pandemic when galleries were closed. To help artists sell their work, individual artist direct contact information is published next to their artwork.

Why do I see Studio 23 on my Paypal receipt? 
Artpush uses Artquarter.com to provide e-commerce processing for applications and for book sales. ArtQuarter.com is run by Studio 23 Gallery.

You can learn more about ArtQuarter and it’s fee structure here. https://artquarter.com/web/artquarter-artist-market/

Why don’t you pay the artists?
ArtPush is a non profit organization. Sales from the book may generate a small return which is used by ArtPush toward future efforts to support artists. This is not commissioned work. This is work completed within the last 10 years by emerging or established artists. Publishing the art book is an attempt to help artists get direct sales. Each artist’s contact information is published next to the artist’s work in the book. Learn more about the benefits.

How much does the book cost?
Presales Order: $28 +$7 shipping and handling. ($35)
After Presales: $40 +$7 shipping and handling. ($47)
Retail ($40)
Book Pickup ($28)

How do I make special arrangements to pick up?
There will be several opportunities to pickup your book over the months of December & January.

December 17th 3rd Sat: Book Party/Pickup
December & January: Friday Open Studios 7-9pm ( Please email us to make these arrangements)
January 20th 3rd Friday: Studio 23 10 Year Anniversary & East Bay Artists 2022 Exhibit

If you do not respond or pick up your book after 3 months it will be donated to ArtPush.org. We are not a retail shop and do not have the bandwidth to provide storage for your books, thank you for understanding.

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