Call For Art

East Bay Art Book 2021

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The Call For Art was opened May 1st, 2021.

The Call For Art is Now Closed. Artist’s will be notified via email by mid to late September. Thank you for your patience. Add our email to your safe list. If you have not heard back by Oct 1st, feel free to reach out to us.

2020 Cover

ArtPush is publishing another full-color art book showcasing the work of local emerging East Bay artists!

Project Overview: ArtPush is seeking East Bay artists to submit work for 2nd Annual Juried East Bay Art book. All themes and subjects are welcome. The goal of this book is to showcase some of the East Bay’s most talented artists..

Eligibility: All practicing visual East Bay artists.

Medium: Visual Art created within the last 10 years. You do NOT need to create new work for this book!  Includes but is not limited to: Printmaking, Mixed Media, Paintings, Sculptures, Photography & Illustrations.

Location: California, East Bay 

Extended Deadline: 8/16/21

Entry Fee: $20.
Accepted artists will receive a free copy of the East Bay Artists 2021 Art Book! $35 Retail Value.

Artist Support: $20 fee waived, no questions asked. Extended to August 16th. 

Eligibility, Application and Deadline
How To Submit: Carefully read all of the instructions on this page before you register and apply.

* Open to all practicing artists in the East Bay area of Northern California, both established and up and coming. 

* Applications Require: artist website url or social media link, one high resolution photo of the artwork, contact information & short bio. (Bios will only appear on the website not in the book.)

* Artwork submission photo must be print ready. All photographs of artwork must be submitted as jpegs with a minimum of 2400 pixels wide. Artwork should NOT include any text, frames, glass or anything else in the photo. All we want is a clear, hi-res, high quality image, of the artwork by itself. Only one image submission allowed. Pick your best work!

* Basic Guidelines: You only get to pick one entry for this submission, so make it count! This should be work you are most proud of, work that best represents you as an artist. A few of the categories for final selections are technical proficiency, creativity & originality. Read more at the bottom of this document about the selection process.

* Not sure what to submit? Ask friends and family to help you make the decision.

* Poor quality images, too blurry, low res, cut off, bad lighting or crooked will automatically be disqualified.

* Accepted artists are expected to promote the book and encouraged to participate in the official Zoom Book Launch which will be happening closer to September. Exact date TBA.


Read all of the instructions here before registering.

* Artists’ applications must be received by Midnight August 16th in Pacific Time Zone. Any questions, please email

Take a look at who was in the book 2020

Jurors: ArtPush Board
Selection Process: There will be a simple scoring system used privately by each judge.  Our goal is to demonstrate the wide variety and diversity of styles in the East Bay.  There are a limited number of pages and not every entry will be accepted. If your work is not selected for this project it does not mean that your art is not good enough, it simply means that there is limited space.

More about the selection process:
Only works from artists living or working in the East Bay qualify for inclusion.  Images submitted that are below resolution qualities necessary for printing are automatically eliminated. In order to make the judging process as fair and unbiased as possible an online scoring application was developed so that each judge can evaluate submissions in private.

The online scoring application is a system that lists each image by number without identifying the artist. ArtPush board members evaluate each work based on a scale of 1-5: Originality, Craftsmanship, Elements of Art, Composition, Unity & Variety, Medium & Texture, Use of Space, Presentation and Degree of Difficulty. Final selections are chosen for artworks that received the highest overall score.

We deeply appreciate everyone who submitted their artwork regardless of whether or not the work is featured in this publication

Benefits: Learn more about the benefits. Why participate?

* All proceeds from sales will benefit the non-profit organization ArtPush funding future art events, projects & sponsorships. The book price is set to cover cost of production and get as many books out as possible.