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Some events brought to you in 2023

February 17th 

ArtPush is sponsoring NOT THAT INTO YOU! A Free Event! All Ages!

February 17th 8pm 8-10pm! @studio23

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Preview the bands: https://www.hoitytoityofficial.com/ | https://www.dawnpatrolmusic.com/roster/boyjr | https://www.instagram.com/prettyfrankensteinband/

May 20th
Studio 23 10 Year Anniversary & East Bay Artists Art Book Exhibit

Also see our ANNUAL CALENDAR for regular ongoing events.

Ongoing Art Rotation
Fireside Lounge
Alameda Island Brewing Company

View the call for arts

A Year In Review 2023

Scroll down to read in more detail what ArtPush has been up to in 2023 or for a quick summary, just click the link or thumbnail below. Contribute to our End Of The Year Fundraiser! DONATE NOW!

View/Print A Year In Review 2023 Pdf Quick Overview This .pdf may take a few moments to download.

ArtPush 2023 Community Art Programs, Events & Sponsorships.  ArtPush exists to promote and support the arts and artists through programs and events that enhance and strengthen the community.

ArtPush is made up of East Bay board & committee members, all of whom identify as artists living in the Bay Area. 
Thank you, 3 Dot Art Gallery aka Sara Edge & Dave Sylvester, The Red Door’s Yolanda Cotton Turner & Red Door supporter, Sandy Russel, Studio 23 Galleries Weseley Warren & Jessica Warren, Cheryl Harawitz, May M. Lo & committee member Victor Mavedzenge.


* Junior Spotlight

The Junior Art Program invites Junior artists to apply to be a part of Studio 23 Gallery’s group shows: This year we would like to feature two of those artists here.

Featured Junior Artists:

Olivia Wadler aka Livvy, age 15

Olivia, who attends Encinal High School, has shown and sold work in several Studio 23 Gallery Group Art Shows.  Here we feature her work in the 100 Under 100 Group Art Show. Her subject, “Feebiea”.  Olivia and her mother, (also a local artist) brought a new member into their home this past year, Feebiea.  Feebiea is a rescue from San Francisco. Despite suffering from Cleft Lip Syndrome, .   Olivia has been coming to the gallery for about 10 years and we have all watched her grow into the very talented artist she is today.

Savannah Reynosa, 15

Savannah Reynosa, who recently moved to Alameda with her father attends Encinal High School.  Savannah entered her first show with us, The BlackLight Art Show. Her piece titled “Medicine” displays a pill bottle tossed aside in an empty lot.  The grass and weeds are growing in and around the bottle, implying some time has passed.  City buildings painted in the same moody blue-indigo tone as the sky can be seen off at a distance.  The special fluorescent acrylic paints purchased at Flax Art & Design in Oakland are UV reactive.  The sides of the work are painted bright orange, giving a luminate pink or sometimes orange  glow on the wall surrounding the work.   Savannah sold this piece in her very first art show. Savannah has also volunteered at several ArtPush events, including the Creative Art Program.

The Future Is Female: http://www.creativeartprogram.org

This was CAP’S 3rd year of putting on The Creative Art Program thanks to the California Arts Council.  With a goal of introducing kids to art as a way to envision a better future, local East Bay artists and Girls Inc. of the Island City came together for an art workshop at Studio 23 Gallery. 15 local artists & volunteers work hands on with 25 students. The participants, their families and the artists are invited back the following week for the opening reception, bringing over 100 guests out to the gallery.  Art supplies and equipment were purchased from Flax Art & Design, Oakland.  ArtPush, designed and created over 25 wooden table-top easels, made at The Fab Lab at the College of Alameda.  

* Alameda Art Rotation featuring East Bay Artists at: Fireside Lounge, Alameda Island Brewing Company & Studio 23.  ArtPush works with both artists and business owners.  We coordinate schedules, provide application forms, website information & requirements & promote shows. 

In 2023 over 200 artists (including several group shows) were able to show & sell their art in Alameda.  https://www.alamedaartists.com/

Jan/Feb 2023 Artist https://www.newmanesque.ne  at Alameda Island Brewing Company.

* East Bay Artist’s on Digifli https://digifli.com/web/artist-sponsorship

ArtPush partners with Digifli to provide free advertising for select local artists to get their work in front of the community.

In 2023 we created and have shown over 75 local artist screens from all over the East Bay.  https://digifli.com/web/artist-sponsorship

Below are some examples of screens,
Top of page  from left to right, Malik Senefu, Victor Mavedzenge, Cluster of multiple screens showing work from Maddie Aub, Steven Yu & Judith Threadgill

Screen shown inside local business, Island Exotics : Artwork displayed by Dave Sylvester


Featured Event

* Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market  https://www.alamedaartfair.com/press/
Below: Artist and musician Zoë Boston performs at the art fair.

ArtPush puts on the free Alameda Art Fair and Maker Market bringing over 100 diverse Bay Area artists, vendors and local businesses  together with the greater community. Artists are encouraged to create artwork during the fair, so the attendees can see artists in action. This helps support a vibrant and creative community.

In 2023 we had over 75 vendors, 30 live art demos, live music featuring 5 local bands, live poetry from Alameda Island Poets along with local entertainment performers.  Open Studios at the event included “The Red Door On Encinal”,  “3 DOT” and Studio 23 showing over 75  local artist’s. Discounted rates are provided to artists requiring financial aid and several nonprofit spaces are given space 100% free.  This event brings roughly 800 patrons from all over the Bay Area.

* Red Door Collective: Friday Open Studios

* 100 Under 100 Group Art Show

* East Bay Artist’s Art Book Live Exhibit & Studio 23 Gallery 10 Year anniversary Show.

* Pretty Frankenstein’s Falloween Fest
* Filma Art Collective: PF 3000 Fundraiser

* Studio 23 BlackLight Art Show


Featured Sponsorship

* Filma Art Collective: PF 3000 an interactive LED sculpture.

This year ArtPush fiscally sponsored several local artists and worked with new nonprofits in support of artists.  One of the sponsored art projects was Filma Art Collective’s “The PF3000”.  & 

A fundraising event with a live demo was held at Studio 23 Gallery over 2023.

Learn More: https://filmacollective.org/pf3000/ & help support this amazing group of makers & artists!

* Oakland Puzzles Fundraiser: Benefiting artists Vera Tour, DeAnna Tibbs & Jeni Paltiel aka Lellobird

* Paige Tashner Trust Fundraiser: PurPods

If Studio 23 or ArtPush has touched your life over the last 10 years, show us some love. 

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps keep our programs & events happening.

Show us some love. Contribute to our End Of The Year Fundraiser! DONATE NOW!
For those who do not use Facebook please visit our donation page for other ways to contribute.

Studio 23 Donates Proceeds


Studio 23 Gallery is now donating 100% of commission from art sales to ArtPush.org.

This will allow ArtPush to help support future events like The BlackLight Art Show, 100 Under100 & The Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market, The Creative Art Program and the musicians, artists and volunteers that work so hard at these events.

For example: 100 Under 100 earned $332 in commission at Studio 23. That money all goes directly to ArtPush. Studio 23’s Wesley and Jessica Warren actually had decided to donate Studio 23 commission from sales to ArtPush in 2022. However it became more official & fully implemented by 2023.

Specific art shows at Studio 23, that collect donations for drinks & appetizers will still go directly back into Studio 23 Gallery to pay to continue to provide free drinks & appetizers at shows.

ArtPush has also acquired several grants over the last 5 years, including. Every cent of every donation goes directly towards the specific request. For example, the AMP Sponsorship supports The BlackLight Art Show & The Art Fair.

2023 Grants and Sponsorships

Creative Youth Development Grant: 15,000. from https://arts.ca.gov for ArtPush’s Creative Art Program with Girls Inc. of the Island City . Kind Philanthropy assisted in our first attempt at applying for a larger grant.

2023 ARTSFUND Grant Program: $2,500. from https://acac.grantplatform.com

AMP Community Sponsorship: 1,500. https://www.alamedamp.com for this year’s BlackLight Art Show & The Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market.

ArtPush partners with Oakland Puzzle

New designs, partnering with Lellobird, Vera Tour, and Boxcar Flower Farm.
Buy the puzzle during September 2023 to support ArtPush http://www.oaklandpuzzle.com

Due to to the popularity of their fundraising model, 20% of all sales from this collection will go to ARTPUSH.org during the pre-order period. That is just through September so order now to support ArtPush!

Expect delivery of your puzzle about 30-days after your order is placed.

All pre-order puzzles will be eligible for pickup at several locations. A $2 handling charge will be paid to that location. Please check store hours to make sure that it will work for you.


Bay Area Artists On Screen “Pop-up Exhibit”

East Bay Digital Art Gallery Pop-Up 2023


A Pop-Up Digital Art Gallery that shows artwork on video kiosks, screens and projectors.  Over 300 unique original works of art created by 200+ local East Bay Artists will be shown. The event brings a large amount of art to the public. 

*Note: These are not “NFTs”, they are photos of real physical artwork some of which may be for sale by the artists. 

Artist’s rendition of 3 kiosks with local art on them.

The event will have 8-16 kiosks depending on space and additional screens.

The Location

The pop-up needs a space for 3 to 4 months. This covers setup and breakdown. This is an ideal program for a large vacant retail space with lots of windows. We are open to discussion for alternatives.

We want to book this show for 2-3 months each in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

Space Requirements:

  • 1500 – 5000 sqft
  • Open space preferred.
  • White or light colored walls work best.
  • Electricity
  • Great windows
  • WiFi is nice to have but not required.

The Screens

The screens are being provided by Digifli. Depending on size and availability, we can have up to 16 free standing kiosks and 20 tabletop screens. We also have multiple projectors available depending on wall space.

Artist rendition of space. The images will change every 20 to 30 seconds. There will be hundreds of unique works.

The Opening Event

We will have an opening reception event where the public can come meet many of the artists and view the work. We expect this to be a very well attended and popular event. Artpush will use our established media and marketing channels to promote the opening. 

We are hoping to have our first event open by June 2023. We are trying to do the first one in Alameda and then take it around the bay area.

Public Access

Depending on the availability of staff and volunteers, and the availability of grants and funding for the project, we will attempt to open the space for the public as often as possible. We will also try to have a closing party.

We will ask for a small donation at the door, probably sliding scale of $5-$20 per person that will go towards the org to cover expenses and staffing.

The idea is that the art is viewable from the street through the windows.

Who are the artists?

The bulk of the artwork will come from the last 3 editions of the East Bay Artists Book published by Artpush. We will also be accepting new work from artists in the bay area.

We will need lots of help.

Want to get involved? Do you have a space that would work? Send us an email

ArtPush Looks Back on 2022

This last year ArtPush focused on getting back into the swing of things as community events opened back up and we have been busy!

This year we hosted Open Studios at Studio 23 Gallery, 3 Dot & thanks to Fireside and Yolanda Cotton Turner the Red Door is back open and joining in on all the festivities.

Over 2022 We…

Hosted The Creative Art Program Workshop and Gallery Exhibit with Girls Inc. of the Island City.


Put on Friday Open Studios at Studio 23 Gallery

Every Friday 7-9 PM with our sister galleries 3 Dot & Red Door.

The Alameda Art Fair & Maker Market. https://www.alamedaartfair.com

Put together our latest addition, The HalloQueer Variety Show: A kickstarter into Pride Week in Alameda. 

We hosted over 30 illuminating artists in this year’s BlackLight Art Show.  https://www.studio23gallery.com/blacklight-art-show/

Formed the Art Talk Committee where Victor Mavedzenge has interviewed hundreds of East Bay Artists. http://fridayartwalk.com/virtual-art-talks/

Printed our 3rd edition of the East Bay Artists 2022 Art Book! https://artpush.org/east-bay-art-book-about/

Organized the Alameda Art Rotation with Alameda Island Brewing Company & Fireside Lounge. https://www.alamedaartists.com

Help us keep things going! We can’t make it alone, that is why in 2019 we formed ArtPush.org with Sara Edge, Dave Sylvester, Wesley Warren, Jessica Warren & Cheryl Harawitz.

Our board has grown too!  We welcome to  the team Yolanda Cotton Turner as Director of Diversity and our Social Media Guru May Lo.  Over 2022 we also formed an official Art Talk committee that includes Victor Mavedzenge to the team.

Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. 

Artpush Partners with Digifli

Artpush has partnered with Digifli Community Bulletin Boards to promote local artists in the East Bay. We feature work by local artists along with their contact information on digital bulletin boards throughout Alameda and Oakland. This exposes the community to new art from local artists which is at the core of our Mission.

We will be making this a standard part of all of the calls-for-art we do beginning in December 2022. In addition to just featuring art, Artpush will also be promoting local art events. If you are interested in getting something featured email the details to

Here are some examples of Artpush

East Bay Artists 2022 Pick Up Party

December 6 2022

For Immediate Release:

Title: East Bay Artists 2021 Book Party, 7:00 PM Dec 17th

RSVP: https://fb.me/e/2Gxur51OY

Meet the artist’s at the upcoming Book Party Pick-Up.  EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 is a stunning 9″x7″ 100-page full-color art book showcasing the best of East Bay Art. Mixed Media, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Illustrations as well as Printmaking, are just some of the exceptional art featured in this years book. All artists featured in the book go home with a free copy!  Refreshments will be available. Meet the artists online here  ArtQuarter.com/pub/eastbayartist2022. This is a free event.  

Participating artists are encouraged to get to know their “Book Page Neighbor” at the party. Introduce yourself to the artist you share the two page spread with in the book.  No neighbor? Meet the artist that comes right  before you or the one who comes right after you!  

Everyone is encouraged to get their book signed. If you purchased a copy of the 2022 book this is a great opportunity for everyone to gather featured artists’ signatures. Have each artist sign their page in your book!

Art Book Sponsors: A big thank you to our sponsor!. Fireside Lounge and West End Arts District! https://www.thefiresidelounge.comhttps://www.westendartsdistrict.org 

What’s new! ArtPush is asking all artists who have participated in any 3 of the last East Bay Artists Art Books to participate in their upcoming exhibit!  Artists who have been featured in any of  the 3 books can visit the call for art at:  AlamedaArtists.com/submit-art  Artworks will be displayed at Studio 23 Gallery, 3 Dot Art Gallery & The Red Door on May 20th. Victor Mavedzenge will lead off festivities with a live art talk featuring artists from the book. This is a fundraiser for ArtPush, tickets are available at $20ea on Facebook & eventbrite. Visit ArtPush.org for more information on our 10 Year Anniversary.

The EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 book is available online until supplies run out!  Check the website for the latest updates. ArtPush.org

We may or may not have additional books available for purchase at the event. Supplies are limited so purchase your copy now! at ArtQuarter.com/@artpush

ArtPush is a non-profit organization founded by local artists to promote the arts and strengthen relationships among community members of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Art Talks, Open Studios, the annual Summer Art Fair and Maker Market, the annual Black Light Art Show and outdoor art Meetups with https://www.meetup.com/Alameda-Artists are just some of the activities ArtPush develops, sponsors and hosts on a regular basis. The EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 book is the 3rd publication by ArtPush.

All proceeds from sales will benefit the non-profit organization ArtPush. 

About the art book: 

Artists contributed to the book: https://artpush.org/east-bay-artists-2022/

Facebook Event URL: https://fb.me/e/2Gxur51OY

Official Website URL: https://http://ArtPush.org/

What’s Happening 2022!

Upcoming Art Happenings 2022!

Monthly: 2nd Friday Art Talk w/ Victor Mavedzenge.
February’s Panelists: Dan McGarrah & Joseph Greeley | 2022 Sponsors
*Meet the latest and the greatest: May Mi Lo is a local artist who is now an official member of the ArtPush 2nd Friday Art Talk Committee!

January: Artist Debi Ling at Alameda Island Brewery January 29th!

Bi-Monthly: Alameda Artists Display at Alameda Island Brewing Company!

March: Creative Art Program Details TBA

July: Flax Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market Sunday July 3rd

Aug/Sept/Oct: Studio 23 Outdoor Film Festival

Nov/Dec: East Bay Artists 2022 Fine Art Book and Artist Directory

January 2023: Studio 23 10 year anniversary!

Monthly: Alameda Artists Sketch Meetups!

October Outdoor Film Shorts

An evening of spooky shorts at Studio 23 Alameda.

Please support this non-profit event with a small donation of $20 – you can donate via PayPal

RSVP & Get More Details!

October Outdoor Film Shorts

When: October 16th, Doors 7pm
*Band Pretty Frankenstein 7PM-7:30pm
*Spooky Film Shorts 7:30pm-8:30pm
*Studio 23 Open Studios 7-9pm
*Art Exhibit 3 Dot Memento Mori 7-10pm
*Open Studio Studio 23 7-10pm

October Outdoor Film Screening. Some scary stuff, so be forewarned. These are short films are geared towards adults. We will have some treats if you decide to bring Trick-Or-Treaters. 3 Dot will be hosting their annual Memento Mori and it’s open studios at Studio 23. Costumes Encouraged, ALWAYS! 

Film Shorts By Matarrese Brothers
Art & Music Films By Witchcentipede
Music Videos Pretty Frankenstein

Exact film lineup and times are subject to change slightly. We will update any changes asap.

Bring: Your own lawn chairs. There is limited seating for the screening. Just like if it was an outdoor lawn concert we are encouraging people to bring their own chairs for the film screening. We will have limited seating available.

Dress: Dress warm, this is an outdoor event.