Grant Awarded to ArtPush

Alameda arts groups receive COVID-19 relief funds
Eight organizations awarded grants through county program paid for by U.S. CARES Act
By MARTA YAMAMOTO | Correspondent PUBLISHED: January 12, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. | UPDATED: January 13, 2021 at 5:30 a.m.

Due to Covid many of Artpush annual events have been postponed to 2022. As far as plans go for now, we are scheduled to proceed as usual in 2022. The money will be used to cover rent and other expenses.

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Alameda City Small Grants Fund has extended their grants to 2022! See you at the Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market 2022! This money will be used to pay specific entertainers at the fair.

EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 Press Release

October 20, 2020

For Immediate Release:

ArtPush announces the publication of EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 

EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 is a stunning 9″ x 7″ 100-page full-color LIMITED EDITION art book showcasing the best of East Bay Art. Mixed Media, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs & Illustrations and Printmaking are just some of the exceptional art featuring 100 of East Bay’s most talented artists. 

2020 is a year none of us will ever forget and history will revisit for decades if not centuries. EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 was driven in part by the COVID-19 Pandemic when visiting galleries and studios has not been possible. But the real inspiration came from the incredible diversity and creativity of the hundreds of artists who have exhibited their work and been part of ArtPush activities over the past several years. EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 is a celebration of this time, of the artists featured in this book and to all artists everywhere. We feel privileged and fortunate to have among us so many talented and generous artists. More than ever before, during this time of isolation, art is needed to inspire and support connection among us all. We are deeply thankful to all those who contributed to this book in so many ways. 

PRE-ORDERS are available at a discount directly from ARTPUSH.ORG until October 31st, 2020. This is a limited edition run!  Your order will arrive in November in plenty of time for that perfect holiday gift. You can order one or more copies at 

EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 will also have a very limited number of copies on sale at Books Inc on Park Street in Alameda until supplies run out! Copies are scheduled to hit the shelves on November 25th just in time for holiday shopping. Catch a preview at the Books Inc. Virtual Book Launch, November 7th, 2020 Check for Zoom links.

ArtPush is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization founded by local Alameda artists to promote the arts and strengthen relationships among community members of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Monthly 2nd Friday Art Talk, the annual Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market, the annual Studio 23 Black Light Art Show and art education workshops are just some of the activities ArtPush develops, sponsors and hosts on a regular basis. EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020 is the first publication by ArtPush.

All proceeds from sales will benefit the non-profit organization ArtPush. 

Attachments: Book cover, sample images, list of artists.

Learn more about the book here:

Complete list of artists with bios:
Book Launch RSVP

Learn about Artpush


For more information contact:

Wes Warren

(510) 239-9352 

Jessica Warren


Images from the book:

Rena De Taino Mixed Media Smokie Arce
Link to hi res copy

Love, Frida Digital Painting by  Felicia Ann 

Link to hi res copy

Winter is coming Charcoal on Paper By Kimberly Virginia Johnson
Link to hi res copy

List of participating artists

Ann, Felicia
Arce, Smokie
Art, Fishy
Banes, Jamie
Boller, Bonnie
Boston, Zoë
Bradley, B. R.
Braun, Christo
Brownson, Amy
Brueckner, Heidi
Burke, David
Caesar, Nicolas
Calime, Ronald
Castillon, Joseph
Chow, Gerardo
Clarke, Brian
Crociani, Erin
curry, kelvin
D’Mauries, Raul
Dill, Alana
Dogmatic, Irene
Dostourian, Annamarta
Dugger, Michael
Dussault, Andrew
Edge, Sara
Elliott, Mikey
Eminger, Aaron
english, reon
Feria, Jose
Fillmore, Michelle
Fleming, Michael
Freeman, Deirdre
Furry, Terry
Graf, Robert
Granillo, Chris
Harawitz, Cheryl
Harawitz, Howard
Hawkins, James
Haydu, Carolynn
Herbst, Justin
Ho, Mi Hang
Husari, Nancy
Isner, Chris
J.Marx, Michael
Johnson, Kimberly Virginia 
Karanovich, Yelena
LaChica, Julia
Ling, Debi
Lo, May
Matesic, Tracy
Mauro, Jenna Countryman
Mavedzenge, Victor
McHugh, Kate
Melton III, Kirkland
Mendez, Sen
Mertz, Dylan Robert
Mohler, Michelle
Mok, Tiffany
Morava, Ina
Newman, S.
Paz, Jennifer
Powell, Damon
Powell, George
Ralph, Richard
Rios, Diego
Robertson, Roberta
Rockhold, Barbara
Romano, Kee
Rossi, Christine Mae
Sala, Bill
Schultz, Terrie
Sheridan, John
Shev, Nick
Siegel, Arianna
Silveira, Bill
Spiegel, Christina
Spiller, Maurice (MADSPILL)
Sylvester, Dave
Tanathorn, Amy
Tapia, Carolina
Tashner, Paige
Threadgill, Judy
Tour, Vera
Tribuzio, Barry
Turner, Yolanda Cotton
Wadler, Nicholas
Walker, Xan Blood
Wang, JaYing
Warren, Jessica
Warren, Wesley Edward
Weber, Bill (El Gallo)
Winner, Lisa
Wiseman, Kevin
Wright, TheArthur
Wyrd, Jakob
Yada, Jo Anne
Yen, Maria Goretti
Yu, Steven

ARTPUSH Fundraiser: East Bay Artists 2020 Book

The pandemic has closed down almost all normal gallery openings and art shows for 2020. ARTPUSH decided to do a fundraiser this year that would benefit local artists, the community, and our organization. The book will showcase selected works by approximately 100 East Bay artists.

Pre-order your copy today! The books will be delivered in November with plenty of time for the holiday gift season.

Benefits for the Artists

  • The prestige of being an officially published artist.
  • Work exposed to hundreds of potential clients. (Free promotion)
  • Lists your website to encourage art sales.
  • No additional work needed! Submit your favorite existing piece from the last 10 years.
  • Help show the community the diversity and richness of our local artists.
  • Your work will be seen by collectors and gallery owners.
  • It’s easy, quick, and free to submit – (no submission fees).
  • It helps raise money for a local 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.
  • Artists retain their work and copyright.
  • Your efforts go to a good cause and allow you to be a part of something special.
  • Participating artists can purchase one book on a sliding scale discount.

Benefits of buying the book:

  • Support local artists and a great local non-profit arts organization.
  • Discover wonderful new artwork from local artists.
  • 100 full-color pages of original locally created artwork.
  • Makes a fantastic unique gift. (Buy one for every person you know!).
  • People will think you are really cool and have great taste when they see it on your coffee table.

Please keep in mind.

This is a labor of love.

  • ARTPUSH volunteers are donating hundreds of hours to this project.
  • The books themselves are expensive, about $15 each to print.
  • We have to pre-sell 70 books just to cover printing and shipping costs.
  • Book stores take half, so selling local retail for $35 we net $2.50 per book.
  • There are tons of shipping fees, credit card fees, administrative tasks, etc.

You will need to pre-order the book if you want to ensure you get a copy. We do not have the budget to purchase many copies and keep them “in-stock”. Depending on how presales go, we will probably order about 10 or 20 extra copies. Once they are gone, they are gone. If you pre-order you are guaranteed a copy at $25 + shipping. After pre-order, they will sell for $35.

Click here to pre-order the book delivered to you $28

Click here to pre-order multiple copies at a discount.

Alameda Strong campaign Call For Art

How Artist’s Can Help!

Deadline June, 12th 2020. *We are no longer accepting poster art. If that changes we I’ll let you know. Thank you for supporting your community!

Alameda Strong is asking local artist’s to create artwork for the Alameda Strong campaign. Donated artworks will be displayed on posters all around Alameda. The only thing we ask you to keep in mind is that the artwork should lift our spirits and unite our community.

Posters need to be “print ready”. PDF format, 11×17.

Please submit your print ready artwork to  by June 12th, 2020
Thank you for supporting your community. If you need help making sure your files are print ready and in the correct format, you can email questions to .

Learn More…

Sponsorship 2020 Summer Art Fair

There are multiple ways to support the Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market art fair this year:

  1. Fair Sponsor: Help promote the local arts and your brand by subsidizing our extensive marketing efforts in print, social media, posters and more.
  2.  ARTPUSH Live Stage Sponsor: Your sponsorship will bring live original performance to the fair (free for all to attend and enjoy!).
  3. Art Car Sponsor: We are looking to bring even more art cars to the fair this year. We have a special $500 sponsorship level to bring the art cars back.
  4. Media Sponsor: Donate ad space, printing or co-branded advertising to help promote the fair.

Sponsorship Levels

$700 Spotlight Sponsor (1 Available)

  • ARTPUSH Live Stage Spotlight Sponsor:
  • Prominent exposure on all fair marketing material and banners on the stage.
  • Silver Level Exposure on all fair marketing material.
  • Logo on top of all printed material across from Title sponsor.

$150 Live Stage Co-Sponsor 

  • Exposure on all Live Stage marketing material.
  • Exposure on all fair marketing material and banners on the stage.

Fair Sponsorship

Gold Sponsor: $500 

  • – Logo, links on websites and social media
  • – Prominent placement on printed marketing
  • – Logo on 4000+ invites, Flyers and Posters
  • – Space on back of invites
  • – Medium banner space available at fair
  • – ½ table in Fair Sponsor / DJ booth
  • – Digifli marketing campaign displayed through-out the east bay!

More sponsorship packages are available at the Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market Event Sponsorship page.

Silver Sponsor: $200 

  • – Logo, links on promo material, websites and social media.
  • – Logo on 4000+ printed invites, 250 Flyers and 50 Jumbo Posters
  • – Inclusion in Press-Kit, small banner space at fair. – Shared table in Fair Sponsor / DJ booth.
  • – Digifli marketing campaign displayed through-out the east bay!

More sponsorship packages are available at the Alameda Summer Art Fair and Maker Market Event Sponsorship page. Vendors can register for a booth at the art fair.