The pandemic has closed down almost all normal gallery openings and art shows for 2020. ARTPUSH decided to do a fundraiser this year that would benefit local artists, the community, and our organization. The book will showcase selected works by approximately 100 East Bay artists.

Pre-order your copy today! The books will be delivered in November with plenty of time for the holiday gift season.

Benefits for the Artists

  • The prestige of being an officially published artist.
  • Work exposed to hundreds of potential clients. (Free promotion)
  • Lists your website to encourage art sales.
  • No additional work needed! Submit your favorite existing piece from the last 10 years.
  • Help show the community the diversity and richness of our local artists.
  • Your work will be seen by collectors and gallery owners.
  • It’s easy, quick, and free to submit – (no submission fees).
  • It helps raise money for a local 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.
  • Artists retain their work and copyright.
  • Your efforts go to a good cause and allow you to be a part of something special.
  • Participating artists can purchase one book on a sliding scale discount.

Benefits of buying the book:

  • Support local artists and a great local non-profit arts organization.
  • Discover wonderful new artwork from local artists.
  • 100 full-color pages of original locally created artwork.
  • Makes a fantastic unique gift. (Buy one for every person you know!).
  • People will think you are really cool and have great taste when they see it on your coffee table.

Please keep in mind.

This is a labor of love.

  • ARTPUSH volunteers are donating hundreds of hours to this project.
  • The books themselves are expensive, about $15 each to print.
  • We have to pre-sell 70 books just to cover printing and shipping costs.
  • Book stores take half, so selling local retail for $35 we net $2.50 per book.
  • There are tons of shipping fees, credit card fees, administrative tasks, etc.

You will need to pre-order the book if you want to ensure you get a copy. We do not have the budget to purchase many copies and keep them “in-stock”. Depending on how presales go, we will probably order about 10 or 20 extra copies. Once they are gone, they are gone. If you pre-order you are guaranteed a copy at $25 + shipping. After pre-order, they will sell for $35.

Click here to pre-order the book delivered to you $28

Click here to pre-order multiple copies at a discount.

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