East Bay Artists 2022 Pick Up Party

December 6 2022

For Immediate Release:

Title: East Bay Artists 2021 Book Party, 7:00 PM Dec 17th

RSVP: https://fb.me/e/2Gxur51OY

Meet the artist’s at the upcoming Book Party Pick-Up.  EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 is a stunning 9″x7″ 100-page full-color art book showcasing the best of East Bay Art. Mixed Media, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Illustrations as well as Printmaking, are just some of the exceptional art featured in this years book. All artists featured in the book go home with a free copy!  Refreshments will be available. Meet the artists online here  ArtQuarter.com/pub/eastbayartist2022. This is a free event.  

Participating artists are encouraged to get to know their “Book Page Neighbor” at the party. Introduce yourself to the artist you share the two page spread with in the book.  No neighbor? Meet the artist that comes right  before you or the one who comes right after you!  

Everyone is encouraged to get their book signed. If you purchased a copy of the 2022 book this is a great opportunity for everyone to gather featured artists’ signatures. Have each artist sign their page in your book!

Art Book Sponsors: A big thank you to our sponsor!. Fireside Lounge and West End Arts District! https://www.thefiresidelounge.comhttps://www.westendartsdistrict.org 

What’s new! ArtPush is asking all artists who have participated in any 3 of the last East Bay Artists Art Books to participate in their upcoming exhibit!  Artists who have been featured in any of  the 3 books can visit the call for art at:  AlamedaArtists.com/submit-art  Artworks will be displayed at Studio 23 Gallery, 3 Dot Art Gallery & The Red Door on May 20th. Victor Mavedzenge will lead off festivities with a live art talk featuring artists from the book. This is a fundraiser for ArtPush, tickets are available at $20ea on Facebook & eventbrite. Visit ArtPush.org for more information on our 10 Year Anniversary.

The EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 book is available online until supplies run out!  Check the website for the latest updates. ArtPush.org

We may or may not have additional books available for purchase at the event. Supplies are limited so purchase your copy now! at ArtQuarter.com/@artpush

ArtPush is a non-profit organization founded by local artists to promote the arts and strengthen relationships among community members of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Art Talks, Open Studios, the annual Summer Art Fair and Maker Market, the annual Black Light Art Show and outdoor art Meetups with https://www.meetup.com/Alameda-Artists are just some of the activities ArtPush develops, sponsors and hosts on a regular basis. The EAST BAY ARTISTS 2022 book is the 3rd publication by ArtPush.

All proceeds from sales will benefit the non-profit organization ArtPush. 

About the art book: 

Artists contributed to the book: https://artpush.org/east-bay-artists-2022/

Facebook Event URL: https://fb.me/e/2Gxur51OY

Official Website URL: https://http://ArtPush.org/

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