Studio 23 Donates Proceeds


Studio 23 Gallery is now donating 100% of commission from art sales to

This will allow ArtPush to help support future events like The BlackLight Art Show, 100 Under100 & The Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market, The Creative Art Program and the musicians, artists and volunteers that work so hard at these events.

For example: 100 Under 100 earned $332 in commission at Studio 23. That money all goes directly to ArtPush. Studio 23’s Wesley and Jessica Warren actually had decided to donate Studio 23 commission from sales to ArtPush in 2022. However it became more official & fully implemented by 2023.

Specific art shows at Studio 23, that collect donations for drinks & appetizers will still go directly back into Studio 23 Gallery to pay to continue to provide free drinks & appetizers at shows.

ArtPush has also acquired several grants over the last 5 years, including. Every cent of every donation goes directly towards the specific request. For example, the AMP Sponsorship supports The BlackLight Art Show & The Art Fair.

2023 Grants and Sponsorships

Creative Youth Development Grant: 15,000. from for ArtPush’s Creative Art Program with Girls Inc. of the Island City . Kind Philanthropy assisted in our first attempt at applying for a larger grant.

2023 ARTSFUND Grant Program: $2,500. from

AMP Community Sponsorship: 1,500. for this year’s BlackLight Art Show & The Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market.

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